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Sunday August 28th! It's our Birthday Party!

Masa is 12 Years Old! Stop by for cake & a hug!

Birthday Logo.jpg

We can hardly believe it, but it was 12 years ago on August 28, 2004 that we opened our doors and you walked through! For us, Masa is friendship - it is family - it is home and of course the Chicago Deep Dish Pizza which brings us all together. Our greatest joys - first dates and chance meetings at Masa have turned into proposals, weddings, celebrations & babies on the way. Inviting us to share in your lives, has given such extraordinary meaning to ours. Heartfelt gratitude and love to all of you for truly making a dream come true. Special thanks to El Centro Del Pueblo - for your love & support and for encouraging us to flourish in this warm and cozy space we all call home. Please stop by on this special day & join us for birthday cake and a hug as we celebrate the past 12 amazing years and look forward to making new memories with you for many more to come!